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Big Data for Images and Videos.

Big Picture Shopping

Making the perfect purchase visually simple.

Snap it. Search it. Buy it.

An image is the easiest medium to both produce and consume, and with ImageVision, consumers are able to Snap, Search, Buy... all from within your camera enabled shopping app.

When your shopper finds a fashion item they like, they can simply take a picture or use a photo from their phone to get instant access to similar looking items available from your digital catalog. It really is as simple as Snap it, Search it, Buy it.

ImageVision finds ways to help consumers simplify their search and improve their shopping experience. ImageVision helps retailers –

  • Improve Accuracy of Search Results.

  • Simplify Mobile User Interaction.

  • Match Consumer to Product.

  • Increase Revenues.

As well, retailers can leverage ImageVision for –

  • Fashion Buying Forecasting.

  • Trending Social Shopping Analytics.

Visual Search

ImageVision Improves Image and Video Search

ImageVision improves search results by extracting key visual features, to include shape, texture, and color from an image and uses this information, along with contextual data, to find similarities and thus more meaningful results.