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We make finding the perfect pair of shoes visually simple.

Visual Commerce Search

Social sites and discovery tools, such as Pinterest, are driving a new engagement model between consumers and retailers. However, as the relationships between retailer and social discovery matures, the consumer often suffers from broken links and left with an inconsistent search experience.

ImageVision helps bridge this search gap by allowing the consumer to use an image of the product they are looking for to find the matching product. Viusual search is especially effective for fashion and clothing where visually similar products are often desired during the buying decision process.

ImageVision is Big Picture Analytics - Big Data for Images and Video. Social media and retailers use ImageVision to improve site search, improve ad targeting, and ensure ad safety.

Visual Search

ImageVision Improves Image and Video Search

ImageVision improves search results by extracting key visual features, to include shape, texture, and color from an image and uses this information, along with contextual data, to find similarities and thus more meaningful results.